Our scientific research and consultancy services are designed to strengthen the management approach in highly strategic industries, of which we interpret the strong driving economic, social, cultural development value for Italy and Europe. We have supported about 300 projects, contributing to the spreading and application of the principles that are the foundation for a sustainable development of territories, through processes of cultural and social need integration, and economic enhancement of cultural heritage. The cornerstones of our approach – always aimed at facilitating an enlarged social responsibility – can be summarized as follows:
  • Understand. Audiences, territories, markets: analyzing, understanding and mapping the context to ensure the effectiveness of every action, cultural and otherwise;
  • Design. Visions, strategies, actions: synergistically integrate the cultural, social and economic resources of the territory, enhancing the identity factors in all projects;
  • Manage. Spaces, projects, resources: combining action economic-financial sustainability with cultural and social objectives and with a harmonious and responsible growth of the territorial or organizational context;
  • Assess. Results, performances, impacts: “observe” to “give value”, better understand the phenomena and intervene to improve the planning ability, and encourage a transparency and responsibility mindset;
  • Communicate. Experiences, geographies, participation: developing narratives, structuring participatory paths, designing tools and actions able to speak to different audiences, in a perspective of an accountability audience engagement.
Thanks to these features and to the professionalism of our team, we place ourselves as a highly specialized centre of expertise, with a great ability to establish synergies and transversality with the industries around different territorial development assets: we can thus follow projects of growth and transformation from Strategy to Implementation, always with a view to linking industry best practices, the identity of our stakeholders and the defined objectives.


Economic-financial sustainability analysis of investments
Organizational analysis and planning
Monitoring and impact assessments
Strategic and operational planning
Design of governance models
Accountability and social reporting
Applied studies and research
Operational support for the implementation of territorial policies


Culture and UNESCO
Corporate Social Responsibility
Urban enhancement
Tourism and sport
Third sector



Lucio Argano

Executive VP
Advisory Culture and Tourism

Paolo Dalla Sega

Senior Advisor
Advisory Culture and Tourism

Angela Tibaldi

Advisory Culture and Tourism

Nina Però

Advisory Culture and Tourism